Elizabeth Eden Harris, better known as CupcakKe, first reached viral fame when she released a string of fun, astonishingly sexual songs, including “Vagina” and “Deepthroat.” The prolific Chicago rapper is more than a novelty, though—she’s one of her generation’s best writers, churning out one-liners like, “Coochie guaranteed to put you to sleep so damn soon/Riding on that dick I’m reading Goodnight Moon,” on her newest album, Ephorize.
CupcakKe obliterates the stigma around female sexual desire while advocating for LGBTQ+ rights, remaining fiercely body-positive, and commanding leagues of fans called Slurpers. She’s the bard of banging. There’s no better person to lead us into 2018.

Fever Ray
At the end of 2017, eight years after Karin Dreijer’s first LP as Fever Ray, she surprise-released her newest album, Plunge. A current of queer desire cuts through each track, like in album standout “To The Moon And Back,” where Dreijer croons to a romantic partner over a warbling beat: “Your lips, warm and fuzzy / I want to run my fingers up your pussy.”
There's no judgment in Fever Ray's alternate world, except maybe for Donald Trump. At one of the lowest points of the album, she sings, "This country makes it hard to fuck." Dreijer’s futuristic vision is beautifully kinky — in the video for the song, her genderless, latex-clad protagonist gets indoctrinated into a masked orgy. Everyone is welcome to the party in Plunge, as long as they’re willing to explore.

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